Bird Watching in Cusco Half Day (Huacarpay)

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Tour Description


Detailed Itinerary

Huacarpay Lagoon Huacarpay Lagoon

Day 1: Huacarpay

I take our passengers at 4:30 am Its hotels in our private car, to address the gap Huacarpay, where we can see different species of birds in the area accompanied by our Specialized Guide Ornitlogo.

At 8:00 a.m. Desayunaremos, and then continue with the observation of birds. Will return to Cusco at 10:30 am Approximately.


  • Bilingual guide.
  • Private Transport.
  • Breakfast.

Doesn't Include

  • Lunch.


    We advise you to Bring:

    • Sportive clothes (shorts may be suitable).
    • Sun-block.
    • Sun-glasses.
    • Small backpack.
    • Bottle of water.
    • An Umbrella, Raincoat or Poncho (in rainy season).
    • Binoculars, Video camera or Photo Camera.


    • Everyday.


Private Service Shared Service
100.00 85.00
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